The Family Future

People graced with substantial assets have gotten to that position through a variety of paths. Some were fortunate by timing or family, some made repeated smart investments, others received large windfalls, others worked very hard for years.

However individuals came to holding their assets, they usually agree that they would like to insulate their assets from avoidable loss, and they would prefer to chose how those assets were later distributed to family, friends, and causes.

Sound asset management practices can help grow assets while providing enjoyable levels of disposable income. By applying additional prudent techniques assets can be protected from drops in valuation. Smart planning can lessen tax loads during income producing and more leisure years to follow.

The desire to provide for future generations can be thwarted by federal (and some state) inheritance taxes. For very wealthy families there are currently federal estate taxes in excess of 40 percent. Federal law also places a very short time fuse of only nine months after a generation passes to come up with the cash to satisfy those taxes.

Reducing the Tax Burden On Families

There are a number of sound and proven methods that can preserve large amounts of family assets. These methods greatly increase the net after-tax amounts that are available to your heirs and beneficiaries. The methods include:

    • Arranging assets per IRS prescriptive regulations so that their asset value for estate taxation purposes is greatly reduced

    • Structuring family businesses to achieve the lowest costs for asset structuring

    • Placing assets into structures where charities, schools and other institutions will recent contemporaneous or deferred benefits

    • Ensure that all structures are built in ways that assure self-completion


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