Meet David Albin

David assists business owners and ultra-high net-worth clients in overcoming the greatest challenges to the income- and asset-growth that they can achieve.

Surmounting these challenges also maximizes the wealth that can be passed to younger generations and can significantly increase contributions funding excellent causes and institutions.

Planning for top-end clients always involves a careful look at the potential to drastically reduce income taxes, capital gains and estate taxes. In these cases, income taxes alone may be many hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars annually, and taxes are likely to be a family’s greatest uncontrolled expense. Proper estate planning for large estates can preserve the fruit of decades of hard work and can conserve many millions or tens of millions of dollars or more.

Developing appropriate and reliable tax strategies to meaningfully reduce taxes for these clients requires the combined efforts of seasoned, world-caliber tax planners, actuaries, estate counsel and plan implementers. Often the best strategies include increased donations and support of family foundations.

David has teamed with carefully selected expert faculties that have decades of successes literally saving clients billions of tax dollars and helping redirect those assets to accelerated wealth accumulation. Clients may enjoy Big-Four-Accountancy-caliber tax planning and may tap additional services that assist the most wealthy families in preserving their assets and in maintaining family harmony as wealth passes to younger generations.

Providing financial services since 2007, David, holds an Economics degree from UCLA. David and his wife, Tessy, reside in Morgan Hill, CA. They enjoy summer activities and sports on the California River Delta and winter festivities in the snow country of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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