Long Term Care Protection

The Post-Corona Environment Emphasizes the Vital Importance of Fine, Long Term Care Being Provided on a Planned and Economic Basis

  • Your Care Should Be in Excellent and Attractive Facilities That You Select

  • You Deserve a Safe Environment

  • Some Health Care or Life Insurance Policies May No Longer Meet Your Needs

  • An Unwanted Life Insurance Policy May Be Rescued and Provide a Significant Cash Infusion

Pivotal Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Where Do I Want to Receive Care?

  • Who Will Provide It?

  • What Assets Will I Earmark to Pay for It?

  • What Assets Will Be Used and for How Long To Finance LTC Costs That Can Exceed $10,000 Per Month?

  • If I or We Provide Care, Who Will Care For Me or for Us Later?

  • If My Partner Does the Caring, Who Will Care For My Partner?

  • After All the Caring, What Will Be Left?

Advanced Asset Discovery Techniques May –

  • Provide Lucrative, Economic Exits from Unwanted Insurance Policies

  • Rescues Often Provide Cash Far in Excess of Policy Surrender Values

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