Cash From Insurance Policies

You May Have Insurance Policies That No Longer Meet Your Needs

Certain Insurance Carriers Are Trying to Force Policy Lapses

  • Premiums May Shoot Up

    • Policy Holders Over 75 Especially Vulnerable

    • Certain Insurance Carriers Are Trying To Force Policy Lapses

  • You May Need Special Financing to Affordably Extend Policy Coverage

  • Your Policy May Have a Substantial Market Value

You May No Longer Need or Want Your Policy

  • Costs May Have Risen Sharply

  • You May No Longer Need The Policy Proceeds

  • Your Beneficiaries May Have Changed

  • There May Be Danger of Lapsing and Complete Loss


We Can Show You How to Obtain Maximum Cash or Benefits From Your Policy

With That Cash You Can –

  • Economically Exit Obsolete Policies

    • Often Older Policies Have Far More Economic Value Than Carrier’s Surrender Value

  • Gain Estate Protection at Greatly Reduced Costs

  • Keep Your Business Running

  • Finance Long Term Care

  • Maximize Inherited Benefits For Foreign Spouses

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