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David Albin’s financial services emphasize helping clients in four key areas: (1) growing assets, (2) ensuring the adequacy of lifetime income, (3) providing funding for health care, and (4) maximizing wealth transfer. And, because protecting resources is vital, David focuses on recommending financial products and techniques that insulate clients from market risks.


Holder of an Economics degree from UCLA, David long ago recognized that market volatility – including the inevitable market downturns – can profoundly affect the income that assets produce as well as how long those assets will last. While recognizing that most people and advisors are aware of the need for an asset accumulation plan, he observed that few people prepare an income plan designed to be resilient enough to provide income during economic downturns and also robust enough to fund health care issues that arise with aging.


Among the areas often overlooked in planning are how to handle medical expenses in a way that does not devastate assets and does not impose tremendous strain on close family members. In addition to protecting assets and income from health and market events, David makes available to clients proven ways to provide funding for long term care and to significantly reduce the out-of-pocket expenses associated with wealth transfer and asset protection.


David and his wife reside in Morgan Hill, CA. They enjoy summer activities and sports on the California River Delta and winter festivities in the snow country of the Sierra Nevada mountains


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David Albin

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