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You May Need to Rescue Your IRA or 401 Plan From Distribution Taxes

After carefully building money in a qualified plan you may wish to pass a large balance to your family or other beneficiaries. The distribution taxes that will be due can erase much of your account’s value. Read about how to potentially pass along much greater amounts of net after-tax cash.  

When Optimism Can Be Devastating

This article explores one of the hidden “budget busting” costs that can wreck carefully crafted financial plans. Just when we think all things have been properly considered, the costs of Long Term Care can raise it’s ugly head.

Critial Need to Plan for Both Medicare Shortfalls and Long Term Care

If you’re planning on retiring, YOU MUST PLAN for Medicare shortfalls and for long term care. Read about a million dollar gap and just how financially destructive the 20% of bills not paid by Medicare can be and how family members have suffered because of unplanned care expenses.

Why Market Draw Downs Slash Total Retirement Dollars

Ever wonder what drawing from a retirement account and having the market decrease at the same time does to your Golden Years?

“After a productive and too often strenuous lifetime of work, the time comes when we want to rely on the dollars we’ve saved and the income for which we have planned. Many of us saved in qualified funds retirement accounts, such as 401 (K)s, IRA, and Keoghs. Contributions ……”

How Fixed Indexed Annuities Offer Guaranteed Income And Avoid Market Risks

“From time to time clients ask me for an analogy about what Fixed Indexed Annuities are and how insurance carriers can provide upside potential and growth while insulating the annuity owner from downside market risks. An analogy from the world of real estate investing may help understand …..”